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The MSJVM died on December 31, 2007. In 2001, the Sun Microsystems and MS signed an agreement, which allows Microsoft to continue distributing products that contained a Microsoft-made VM by January 2004. Microsoft paid Sun $20 million dollars that time. In October 2003, thedeadline was moved to September, 2004. And, finally in April 2004, Sun Microsystems prolonged Microsoft's license to use Sun's Javasource code and support the MS JVM until December 31, 2007. Java Free Download maquina virtual java

Microsoft Java Virtual Machine download links:

Download Java Vm Microsoft maquina virtual java

Steps to install the Microsoft VM:

  1. Download the file using the links above and save it to your harddrive.
  2. Once the file is on your harddrive, execute it and thus load the Microsoft Virtual Machine.
  3. As the file begins execution, answer Yes to the License Agreement question and then once complete, re-boot your PC.
  4. Once the PC is re-booted you should be set to go.
Download Virtual Machine Microsoft

Sun VM

Microsoft had to take down their VM because of some legal issues. But you don't even have to use the MS VM, you can use Sun Microsystem's version, and it seems to work just fine.
Download Free Java Software from Sun Microsystems Update or download your Free Sun Java Virtual Machine. Download Java Runtime Environment for your desktop computer now!
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